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The better way to care for your epilepsy patients

Focus on the insights that matter with Epsy Hub. Help your patients track seizures, medications and more, so you can view key trends, make clinical decisions and manage their condition.

One hub for all your patient insights

View reliable stats instantly

Pull up precise, at-a-glance counts of recent seizures, medication compliance and more.

Use data to track progress

Assess the impact of treatment plans over time and spot any important patterns.

Save time on every appointment

Get ready-made reports in seconds, for less admin and better quality discussion time with patients.

How Epsy Hub works

Introduce your patients to Epsy
Follow our simple, secure registration process to add your patient details into Epsy Hub and email them a link to download the Epsy app. They’ll get a unique code to pair their Epsy profile with yours, to ensure their data stays for your eyes only.
They track their condition with our companion app
Once they’re set up, your patients can use Epsy to easily record significant events like seizures, side effects and triggers. They will also set up a medication plan to track their daily compliance and get useful reminders.
Use Epsy Hub to make data-driven clinical decisions
Over time, your dashboard will reveal each patient’s unique trends and patterns at a glance, including the impact of medication changes. Thanks to regular monthly reports, you can start each patient appointment with accessible, up to date and accurate information.

A quick, clear view of every patient

It’s hard to keep a close eye on every patient’s condition. And gathering all the data you need for your next appointment can be time-consuming, as well as confusing.

Epsy Hub does all that work for you, combining smart data analytics with a highly intuitive visual interface. For less time preparing for appointments, and more time having meaningful discussions with patients.

Frequently asked questions

How do patients record their experiences?
Using our smartphone app, patients can easily capture key events like seizures, side effects and other significant events with a few taps. They’re also encouraged to record their daily medication routine. Then all this data is analyzed and visualized, ready for your expert view.
Who is Epsy Hub for?
We’ve built Epsy Hub as a one-stop control center for epilepsy specialists to achieve personalized care for each of their patients. Our new platform is now available by invitation only to accredited epilepsy doctors, epileptologists and neurologists working in the US.
How secure is Epsy Hub?
We take patient-doctor confidentiality very seriously. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and uses best-in-class secure data encryption. We also have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) available if needed, to give you and your patients the peace of mind you need.

Get invited to Epsy Hub

Want to start using Epsy Hub? Our exclusive platform is invite-only for now. Please share some details about yourself and your organization to continue.