The medication and seizure management platform for doctors

The one-stop-shop helping healthcare professionals make better clinical decisions for patients with epilepsy.

Whether you’re an epileptologist, a neurologist or you work within a neurology clinic and are looking for new epilepsy tools - Epsy Hub is here to help you, your team and your patients.

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said that Epsy makes it easier to track their epilepsy


said that Epsy helps them with their medication compliance 


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What is the Epsy App?

Over 10,000+ users across the App Store and Google Play

What is the Epsy Hub?

Available for doctors on web only.
Synchronizes data with the Epsy app for patients.

One hub for all your patient insights

It’s hard to keep a close eye on every patient’s condition. And gathering all the data you need for your next appointment can be time-consuming, as well as confusing. Epsy Hub does all that work for you - for less time preparing for appointments, and more time having meaningful discussions with patients.

Move away from paper diaries

Epsy App empowers patients to track their own progress between appointments

View reliable stats instantly

Pull up precise, at-a-glance counts of recent seizures, medication compliance and more

Use data to track progress

Monitor the impact of treatment plans over time and spot any patterns

Save time on every appointment

Less admin means more time to focus on improved discussions with your patients

A quick, clear view of every patient

View smart data analytics for each patient, in a highly intuitive visual interface

Collaborate with your colleagues

Share responsibilities and learnings for a more holistic approach to each case

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