How can Epsy Hub work for me?

Epsy is already helping tens of thousands of epilepsy patients find simpler and easier ways to live with the condition.

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What patients say:

"The report has alerted my doctor that my medication might not be sufficient. He’s ordered a blood test and we might change my dose as a direct result of this chart."
Jodie, Connecticut
"We are currently trying out CBD oil and reducing other meds. The report was really helpful to keep track of the changes and see how they impacted her seizure patterns. Our doctor loved it."
Beth, Wisconsin
"My doctor always questions if I take my meds on time when I complain that my seizures have gotten worse. Now I can finally prove that I take them and show the exact impact."
Ruth, NYC

What consultants in epilepsy and neurology say:

"This is really cool, because right now we have excel printed tables that we hand out and I can't even remember the last time [patients] used one of them."
Dr Sen-Gupta
"If patients use [the app] regularly, that can be really helpful. Creating a closer connection with the physician would be ideal."
Dr Hixson
"I am quite impressed with what I have seen, looks very easy to access, and this data should also be easily accessed by the patient."
Dr Swaminathan
"I see this platform as useful to store data, as this information can easily be forgotten a few months down the line by the patient or caregiver. I see this as a supplement to their daily life."
Dr Atallah
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