How to set-up Epsy Hub

Epsy streamlines conversations and information sharing between patients and healthcare professionals, to save time and improve treatment plans.

Our set-up process is simple:

Create your account by signing up herehere

Look out for our email to complete setup

Invite your patients and carers

The more patients you have on Epsy Hub, the richer the data to supplement your EMR. We know that every patient is different, so we’ve designed a few easy ways to invite them - you can even do it during your appointment.

Your patient will receive secure SMSes or emails, where we’ll guide them through the setup of their Epsy App and show them how to share their insights with you.

Invite your colleagues

Our belief is that the team that works together reaps the biggest reward. From the Team page invite your colleagues to share patient data, or invite your admin staff to help you set up patients.

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