Patient confidentiality is our priority

Patient-doctor confidentiality is our biggest priority. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and uses best-in-class secure data encryption. We also have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) available if needed, to give you and your patients the peace of mind you need.

What is Epsy’s association with LivaNova?

Livanova created Epsy using years of experience in the epilepsy and neurology space. From 25+ years working side-by-side with clinicians on VNS we are well aware of the data quality challenges associated with seizure diaries. Mostly seizure diaries are low technology endeavours. Our view is that digital health can solve this problem.

Can Epsy be used to collect data for research purposes?

Yes, absolutely! In addition to the primary use case to support patient, caregiver and physician to get a more accurate view of seizure burden and medication compliance, we foresee may uses within clinical research. We can partner and work with research institutions to support their specific needs.

How are we different from other apps in this space?

We focus on making logging simple for the patient or caregiver.  We don’t attempt to collect every detail, but instead focus on only the essential pieces that matter for clinical decision making. 
Patients can opt-in to sharing data with their physician, so that you can access their records right before an office visit and get a quantitative preview of their health status. Livanova is committed to maintaining Epsy and continuing to update and improve the product. Many other apps in this space have simply been abandoned and have not developed in-line with technologies for other medical conditions .

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