February 22, 2021

Facts about epilepsy myths

About Epilepsy

Have you ever been treated differently because of epilepsy? Sometimes people get scared when they see seizures - or they have heard false ideas about the condition.

It’s useful to counter these myths with the truth – to help educate people and fight misconceptions.

Common epilepsy myths:

1. People with epilepsy cannot drive
Actually, people with epilepsy may be able to drive - If their seizures are under control, many states allow people with epilepsy to get a driver’s license; The duration of seizure freedom varies by state.

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2. People with epilepsy cannot hold a normal job
Again, this is totally untrue. As long as a person’s epilepsy is controlled, they can do almost any job; Even if you do have seizures, it is usually possible to continue working - The Americans with Disabilities Act is designed to protect against discrimination

3. People with epilepsy can't be successful
Sadly some people believe that epilepsy affects intelligence; In many cases, this is not true; Some of the world's most successful people have had epilepsy,  including former US President Theodore Roosevelt and Olympian Marion Clignet.

4. People with epilepsy shouldn't have kids
This is one of the most hurtful myths about epilepsy - and guess what? It's not true! 9 times out of 10, the children of people with epilepsy do not get the disease; If you do want to have children, talk to your doctor for advice