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October 15, 2020

Introduction to yoga and epilepsy

Interested in learning about yoga and epilepsy? Read about what yoga is and ways that it might help contribute to seizure control.
Lifestyle & Wellness
October 6, 2020

What is an aura in epilepsy?

Many people experience an aura before seizures. What is an aura in epilepsy and what are the common aura seizure symptoms? Learn more in this article.
About Epilepsy
September 30, 2020

What are tonic clonic seizures?

Tonic clonic seizures are the most widely known type of epilepsy seizure. Learn what they are and find out about tonic clonic seizure treatment in the Epsy blog
About Epilepsy
September 30, 2020

Our guide to playing golf with epilepsy

Following the US Open golf - you might feel inspired to take up this popular sport. Find out how to play golf with epilepsy in our blog.
Lifestyle & Wellness
September 30, 2020

Inspirational Epilepsy Stories: Marion Clignet

Meet Marion Clignet, a former cycling World Champion and 2 time Olympic silver medalist, who wasn’t allowed to compete for the USA due to her epilepsy. Read now.
Epsy Community
September 14, 2020

Is there a migraine and epilepsy connection?

What do we know about the link between epilepsy and migraines? Learn about similarities and differences in the Epsy epilepsy blog.
Lifestyle & Wellness
September 4, 2020

What is an EEG and what does it show?

An EEG is a test that can help find out if you have epilepsy (and other conditions). Read about the different types of EEG and what EEGs show.
About Epilepsy
September 2, 2020

Our guide to playing tennis with epilepsy

Have you been inspired by the US Open tennis to pick up a racket? Here is everything you need to know about playing tennis with epilepsy.
Lifestyle & Wellness
September 1, 2020

What is Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy?

Learn about juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, the most common kind of generalized seizure. Find out about treatment and the outlook for this syndrome
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