February 22, 2021

7 tips to relieve stress and relax

Lifestyle & Wellness

Your head is aching. Your jaw is clenched. Your back is tense. Sounds like stress!

Feeling stressed can be useful – it’s a great way of motivating us at work and school. However, too much stress is dangerous, and if you have epilepsy it could be a trigger for seizures. Although people with epilepsy often say stress is a seizure trigger, scientists aren’t quite sure why it happens.

Using Epsy to keep track of how you feel before seizures can help you and your treatment team figure out if stress is a trigger for you.

Here are 7 tips to reduce stress:

1. Talk to your doctor about safe exercises – working out can release endorphins that may relieve stress
2. Deep breathing – sit somewhere peaceful, close your eyes and breathe deeply for 5 minutes
3. Talk about it with a friend – simply talking about a problem with someone, preferably in person, may help
4. Write it out – if you don’t want to talk about the problem aloud, writing how you feel may provide relief
5. Physically decompress – work out knots with a tennis ball/foam roller or get a massage to relieve tension
6. Laugh and smile – laughing releases endorphins and may reduce stress; It might sound crazy, but making yourself laugh or smile can produce immediate benefits
7. Body scan – a body scan is when you close your eyes and observe how every part of you is feeling; Start with your toes and try to relax every muscle all the way up to your head

If you often feel stressed and are worried it might bring on seizures, note this down in Epsy and speak about it with your doctor at your next appointment.