The beginner’s guide to wellness

  • June 5, 2020
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Surveys show that people with epilepsy see improving their quality of life as a top priority. So, could wellness help you?

A beginner’s guide to wellness

There is no single definition of wellness, but it’s essentially about improving quality of life by changing our daily habits. Here are some tips to start on your wellness journey:

1. Find out more about wellness: There is no shortage of online resources, so spend a little time learning about this topic. [This list]( "Popular wellness blogs") of popular wellness blogs is a great place to start.

2. Set your goals: Wellness is about improving overall wellbeing – it’s not the same as a diet or fitness program which is just focused on losing weight or building muscle. That said, it can be helpful to write a list of goals which you can check off (and add to) over time. This might include things like:  - Doing yoga once per week - Having fresh vegetables in every meal - Switching processed cereal for whole grains at breakfast - Meditating daily - Taking a 10-minute walk around the block each day

3. Create a routine: Wellness is all about changing your lifestyle, so it’s important to start building those activities into your daily routine. You could start by setting yourself reminders in your cellphone calendar – over time it will become second nature.

If you’re looking for more advice on wellbeing, the team at your treatment center will be able to offer plenty of tips too.

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