Invite your doctor so you can track your progress quicker

Invite your doctor to view your treatment progress, so you can discover even more insights together

Invite your doctor
Invite your doctor

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Improved conversations

Spend more time on the things that really matter

Sharing made easy

Reports your insights so you don’t have to

Data controlled safely

You decide when you want to share your data

87% of our community would recommend Epsy to their doctor

Epsy online user survey (2020-2021)

“Epsy can give you a structure of all the information you need to share with your doctor.”
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“My memory has disappeared over the years. Epsy gives my doctor a full account of what's going on.”
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“Epsy is useful to share with my doctor, it gives such a great overview of your health.”
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Epsy will do the rest

Leave it to the Epsy team to show your doctor around Epsy Hub. Once your doctor joins your treatment information will be saved and accessible so you won’t need to worry about keeping old style paper diaries.

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Privacy at the core

Patient-doctor confidentiality is our biggest priority. You can tell your doctor that our platform is HIPAA compliant and uses best-in-class secure data encryption.

As a patient, you can opt-in to sharing data with your physician, for them to access your records right before an office visit. You can opt-out at any time if you no longer wish to share information.

Start tracking with your doctor

Invite your doctor

Your doctor can contact us at and we’ll be happy to show them around.