October 26, 2020

How to Find Epilepsy Support Groups

Epsy Community

We all need support from time to time and finding people who understand is important. Epilepsy support groups may be a great way to make friends, participate in the community and boost awareness of the condition.

The good news is that there’s a huge network of support out there where you can get tips, advice and ideas. Let’s look at where you can start finding epilepsy support groups today!

Epilepsy Support Groups online

While you should always speak to your treatment team when it comes to medical advice, online forums are a great place for discussing concerns and tips for living with epilepsy. Online support can be found at:

- The Epilepsy Foundation’s online forum – This reputable site has many active threads where you can ask questions and give responses. For more information click here.
- Facebook groups. These are run by private individuals and charities where you can discuss issues and meet others. They might be specific to your form of epilepsy or where you live. Search for ‘epilepsy’ and ‘seizures’ on Facebook.  Use caution and always confirm advice with your physician.

Epilepsy Support Groups offline

If you want to meet other people with epilepsy in person, there are many ‘real life’ groups across the country.

- The Epilepsy Foundation has chapters in every state, most of which have social events. Click here for more information.
- There are also many Meetup groups for people with epilepsy – and these are often available in smaller towns too. To find groups near you, visit here for more information.

It is also a good idea to speak to your doctor or treatment team about groups near you – many centers can connect you with relevant groups.