Find seizure tracking tough? That’s OK!

  • June 5, 2020
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Sometimes you're too busy - other times you may not be aware you had one.

The goal of a seizure diary is to improve communication between you and your doctor.  The goal of using Epsy’s diary is to make it easier for you.

Tracking seizures helps you

Potential advantages of using an electronic diary:

- Electronic features may improve the data you share with your doctor- Personalized summaries may reveal trends or provide new insights for you and your doctor- These may help your doctor see patterns in your seizures which may improve your treatment- Ability to share your data quickly with your care team and doctor- Reminders to keep you on track- May improve adherence to your medication

Stay motivated!

Everyone needs some motivation from time to time! Here are some tips to help you record seizures even when you find it boring:

- Give yourself a reward every week when you’re confident you reported all the seizures you were aware of - perhaps buy yourself a small present or eat your favorite food - Give yourself a goal to report every seizure this month - if you set yourself a target you are more likely to do it - Review your reports daily – when you enter information into Epsy it gives you interactive charts where you can really see your progress - the more information you enter, the more useful the chart will become

Take control of your seizures and help your doctor help you by recording your seizures.

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