Community inspiration: Advice to your younger self

  • March 24, 2022
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1. "Take your meds. Make good choices. Keep yourself around good positive people." Jenna

2. "Enjoy your life to the absolute fullest! Never take it for granted!" James

3. "Keep your stress level down, eat properly, take your medicine, love as much as you want." Alli

4. "Your friends and family may seem overbearing but it's only because they care. Remember, they're scared too." Elizabeth

5. "Don't hide! Talk about your epilepsy, ask questions, and tell YOUR STORY!!" Heather

6. "Living with this disease is very difficult. Just remember that you grow from what you go through." Alana

7. "Be your own biggest advocate." Emily

8. "Take care of yourself how you would take care of your mother or child. Taking time out every day to check in with yourself is very important." Lisa

9. "Forget the pride, take the meds." Anon

10. "You're not crazy. You really are having seizures. You just haven't found the right doctor to diagnose you yet." Kasidie

11. "Try your best. Take baby steps. Keep fighting. Never give up. Always try to stay positive." Michaela

12. "Everything will be okay, it’s not as scary as it seems. it will affect you long term but you will learn how to handle it. you learn to love yourself and love your diagnosis." Asia

13. "To keep living life to its fullest and just make sure I'm there for my family. I'm not going to let something like this bring me down." Jessica

14. "It’s not the end of your life, just do what they said and it will be fine. You will, graduate high school, college, and nursing school. You will get married and have friends. It will be okay." Lauren

15. "The path you choose may be a little different, but you will still cross the same finish line that you would if you didn't have epilepsy. Ask for accommodations in school and work can help prevent seizures. Don't let anyone make fun of you for this. The bullies are doing this because they don't understand. Educate yourself so you can educate others, but know that some people will never understand. Everything will be okay." Brooke

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