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  • March 16, 2023
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Epilepsy t-shirts provide a brilliant way of showing your support for the epilepsy community. Whether you have a seizure disorder yourself, care for a child with epilepsy, or want to raise awareness about a friend’s condition, then epilepsy awareness shirts are a great way of doing so. 

We’ve found 10 epilepsy shirts with unique designs, so you can show your solidarity with the epilepsy community. 

Why wear an epilepsy shirt?

Choosing to wear an epilepsy t-shirt can make a powerful statement about a condition that still comes with a stigma. By wearing an epilepsy awareness shirt, you can:

  • Spark conversations with people who might not know much about the condition
  • Demonstrate your support for a friend or loved one - this can really mean a lot to them
  • Challenge stigma or prejudice against people with epilepsy
  • Many epilepsy charities sell t-shirts and other apparel, so you’ll be helping raise funds to support people with the condition, and research into new treatments
  • You can look the part on Purple Day (26th March) - the international epilepsy awareness day

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Why are so many epilepsy shirts purple?

Purple is the internationally-recognized color of epilepsy, so people making epilepsy t-shirts tend to use this color in their designs. There are a few reasons why purple is the color of epilepsy, but one main reason is that lavender, a purple flowered plant, was traditionally used to treat the condition in Europe. Most epilepsy associations, charities and apps now use this color. 

10 eye-catching epilepsy awareness shirts

Here are 10 epilepsy t-shirts we think are really unique. Of course, there are plenty more options on the sites we’ve linked to, so browse their web stores to find even more epilepsy shirts to suit your taste. 

  1. Support Your Loved One T-Shirt ($19.95)

This epilepsy awareness shirt from the Epilepsy Foundation has a super cool design. We think the message on this tee is great too: “Someone I Love Has Epilepsy”. 

  1. Epilepsy Foundation Polo ($29.95)

Looking for a smarter, more subtle epilepsy shirt you can wear every day? This polo, which is also from the Epilepsy Foundation, has a classy and simple design with the foundation’s ‘flame’ logo. We love it. 

  1. I Am a Warrior T-Shirt ($19.08)

This bold, graphic shirt available on Zazzle features a sword and a strong message about epilepsy - showing how the wearer is resilient against an often-difficult condition. 

  1. Purple Ribbon Tee ($17.92)

This epilepsy t-shirt on Zazzle features beautiful purple butterflies and a message about epilepsy awareness. 

  1. Purple Power T-Shirt ($25.95)

The simple but bold design on this tee from the Epilepsy Shop (run by Epilepsy Ontario, a charity in Canada but shipping to the US) is a great way of showing your support for the epilepsy community. 

  1. Brain Heart Epilepsy Shirt (29.66)

Another tee from the Epilepsy Shop, the graphic shows a brain surrounded by a heart shape - it’s a surefire conversation starter!

  1. My Brainwaves Are So Powerful Doctors Study Them T-Shirt ($19.79)

The funny message on this epilepsy t-shirt available on Etsy really stands out and made us laugh!

  1. Epilepsy Can't Stop Me Shirt ($16.99)

The confident message on this awesome Etsy t-shirt is great, and we especially like how the design combines the purple ribbon too. 

  1. Epilepsy Awareness Brain and Flower T-Shirt ($9.60)

The design on this epilepsy awareness shirt available on Etsy is really eye-catching - it features an image of a brain where one half merges with flowers. It’s sure to start a conversation on Purple Day. 

  1. North Face Tech and Cure Epilepsy Fleece ($67.50)

Cure Epilepsy is a charity that raises money to advance research into epilepsy treatment. And this fleece, which is designed using material and tech from clothing brand North Face has a super smart, comfortable design that looks and performs great. 

Get involved by wearing epilepsy shirts

Epilepsy t-shirts are a great way of supporting the epilepsy community, showing your solidarity with a friend, and even raising money to fund treatment and research. So, which epilepsy awareness shirts will you choose?

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