Lifestyle & Wellness

July 23, 2021

7 Olympic athletes with epilepsy

Did you know about these pro athletes with epilepsy? Olympians have reached the pinnacle of their sports. We profile Olympic athletes with epilepsy

Lifestyle & Wellness
July 12, 2021

Swimming with epilepsy: everything you need to know

Swimming with epilepsy can be safe as long as you take precautions. Learn how to swim with epilepsy and what to do if you have seizures in water.

Lifestyle & Wellness
July 2, 2021

4th July, flags and fireworks with epilepsy

There is a link between fireworks and seizures. If your seizures are triggered by flashing lights, read how to prepare for 4th July firework displays.

Lifestyle & Wellness
June 30, 2021

Our guide to playing golf with epilepsy

Following the US Open golf - you might feel inspired to take up this popular sport. Find out how to play golf with epilepsy in our blog.

Lifestyle & Wellness
May 24, 2021

Stress and seizures: Why stress causes seizures and how to relax

How can stress cause seizures? Read our blog to learn about the link between stress and seizures and how to manage those feelings.

Lifestyle & Wellness
April 30, 2021

Guide to discrimination and jobs for people with epilepsy

Workplace discrimination against people with epilepsy affects many. Learn about epilepsy and the disability discrimination act and how it applies.

Lifestyle & Wellness
April 22, 2021

5 NFL players with epilepsy

Do you know about these leading NFL players with epilepsy? Find out about the lives of famous American football players who have had seizures.

Lifestyle & Wellness
April 14, 2021

Can You Exercise With Epilepsy?

There’s nothing like sport for having fun and getting fit! Read our introduction to epilepsy and exercise for doing sports safely if you have seizures

Lifestyle & Wellness
April 14, 2021

The link between music and epilepsy

Do you know about the link between music and epilepsy? For some people, songs can trigger seizures – but melodies may also be used as a therapy too.

Lifestyle & Wellness

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