October 26, 2022

The Epsy 2022 survey results are in!

Thank you to our community for helping to make Epsy even better - check out our 2022 survey results below.

We all know the problems with having so much information in different places. All spread across notes, letters, calendars, which can cause confusion. You might think ‘where did I put that?’. So, combining this all together sounds great, right? 

  • 99% of users find it helpful to have all their information in one place with Epsy

Tired of relying on paper diaries? This can be long and burdensome, with no way of seeing informative overviews of your condition. How can this be easier for you?

  • 98% think Epsy makes it easier to track their epilepsy

Ever had the dreaded, ‘did I take my meds?’ moment. It’s easy to forget, and double dosing is a real danger. Through logging meds in Epsy and using the medication reminders:

  • 95% say Epsy helps with their med compliance

If you’re still unsure, why not listen to others in the epilepsy community? 96% of Epsy users would recommend us to a friend.

What does this mean for healthcare professionals?

Over 86% would recommend Epsy to their nurse or doctor. If you have any apprehensions that patients will either not use the app or lack consistency, the Epsy community is highly engaged with 70% of our users logging at least 10 entries a week. 

If you would like to connect with your patients currently using Epsy, sign up here.