December 14, 2020

Epsy Introduces New iOS 14 Widgets

New Epsy App widgets allow users to have their daily medication reminders all in one place. Users can log medications and seizures without having to open the app.

Sep 18 2020 - Epsy Health, the leading digital health platform for the management of epilepsy, today unveiled a new iOS widgets feature for the Epsy App, designed to help users manage their epilepsy easier and improve their health and wellness.  

Epsy widgets lets users see, at a glance, their weekly medication progress and upcoming or missed medications: this allows users to continually be on-top of their medication compliance. Users can choose from three different widget sizes, which can be  arranged however they like, including on their iPhone home screen. Another key benefit is that Epsy widgets can replace the need to open the app directly, making the process of seizure logging easier and quicker. 

The full list of features of the Epsy widgets include:

  • Three widget sizes can be chosen, with the smallest widget size offering a focused view on the next action of the day, and the largest widget size displaying a 7-day medication compliance view;
  • The widget dashboard displaying both past and upcoming medications an works in both light and dark mode;;
  • Easy one-tap logging of seizures;
  • Easy one-tap logging of medications.

Epsy’s mission to offer a comprehensive and easier approach to managing epilepsy is propelled by a relentless drive for innovation and user-centric design. “Despite the success of digital health services and devices over the last decade, we have not seen a corresponding improvement in digital, mobile technologies for epilepsy, and Epsy is here to change that” commented Marco Peluso, the Vice President, and co-creator of Epsy. “By embracing Apple’s iOS 14 widgets as early adopters in the iOS ecosystem, Epsy Health is making another step in fulfilling its purpose to introduce exceptional designs and revolutionary features that empower consumers, patients and physicians.


Epsy widgets require iOS 14, or later, and are available on the Epsy App for iOS, in the USA only. The Epsy App is available for download now here

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