September 28, 2023

New feature: track your mood in the Epsy journal

Epsy users can now log their moods within the app. Download Epsy and start tracking your mood from today.

Team Epsy have given our ‘life events’ section a big makeover! You can now add more details about how your mood is impacted throughout your epilepsy journey. 

We are constantly evolving to make sure Epsy is the best possible health companion for you, find out more about this feature below.

What does mood tracking allow you to do?

Mood tracking allows you to monitor changes in your mood over a greater period of time, which can help you discuss with your healthcare team the impact your epilepsy and treatment is having on you.

Things you can do in the Epsy mood logging journal:

  • Monitor how you feel by selecting your current mood 
  • Search our extensive list of activities or events to help you better understand reasons for your mood
  • Add notes to add more detail about how you felt to build a more detailed picture for you or your doctor.

What does tracking your mood do?

The ability to log moods has been a highly requested feature within Epsy. But why? For many years it has been noted that there is a link between mood disorders and epilepsy. Having a mood disorder can greatly impact your quality of life and it is important to keep a track of this. The most common mood disorders for people living with epilepsy are anxiety and depression

Can’t see the feature?

Not seeing this feature in your Epsy App? Update your app version in the app store and try again.