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In a world in which digital health is increasingly benefiting patients and physicians, the treatment of epilepsy is lagging behind. Epilepsy affects more than 65 million people worldwide, and millions more are diagnosed each year. Many of these people never reach freedom from seizures, because tracking their condition is tedious, specialist care is hard to access, and medication plans are not personalized. 

Epsy was created to offer a better way to live with epilepsy. With already tens of thousands of users, Epsy has quickly become the go-to app for epilepsy: Epsy offers, for the first time to the epilepsy space, a combination of patient-centric design, the latest mobile-app, machine learning technologies, and extensive user research with patients and leading physicians. Available for free on iOS, Epsy allows patients and their carers to better understand and track their condition, and provides doctors with actionable insights for faster and even more accurate diagnosis for each patient.

Built together with patients and doctors, accessing both the clinical expertise and real-life experiences of epilepsy, Epsy makes it easier to stay on top of medication schedules, and to track seizures, triggers and side effects. Entries are collated and analyzed into easy-to-read metrics, enabling patients to monitor their progress and spot trends and patterns, and helping them to have better conversations with their doctors.

Epsy is empowering patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to accelerate the pathway towards better outcomes, making “each day with epilepsy brighter than the last”. We believe that the more informed and inspired our users are, the more lives we can save.

Patients have told us they rely on our curated content for the inspiring stories co-written by our epilepsy community, and informative articles to understand their condition better. The easy-to-read insights further allow both patient and doctor to spot patterns and trends, leading to better and faster treatment decisions.

Epsy’s design mirrors our mission: making each day with epilepsy brighter than the last. From the color purple to the helpful logging flow incorporating emojis and friendly language, interactions are focused on positivity and delight for the user. 

Epsy’s color is purple because purple is the color that best celebrates the wonder that is the human brain: there is no purple wavelength of light – it requires a mixture of both red and blue wavelengths to see purple. That makes it a “non-spectral color” – in fact, purple is the only non-spectral color that humans “see with the brain”: it requires our brains to interpret signals from both red-sensitive and blue-sensitive cones in our eyes and to see that as a separate color.

We have an independently-run survey with 620 patients and carers, where 98.3% of respondents said Epsy makes it easier to track their epilepsy and 93.9% said Epsy helps with medication compliance. We also see this user success in our user metrics: we have activated our users to a 60-days retention rate of above 60%.

The Epsy community is growing at a rapid rate. Our Instagram following has grown by 322% from July - November (518 vs 2,189) and our organic search traffic has increased by 31% month on month (November 655  vs October 500). Epsy is now the #1 epilepsy app on the US Apple App Store, with over 30,000 downloads in just seven months, and hundreds of 5-star reviews, and a 4.8 out of 5 average star rating. Reading our users’ comments, it would be hard to find another app focusing on a serious chronic medical condition in which the word “love” appears so often! - a great feat for an app focusing on a serious medical condition. 

Our next milestone is to reach 1 million users. We want to change the epilepsy journey to get everyone on their right treatment path… and give the world freedom from seizures.

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