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In a world in which digital health is increasingly benefiting patients and physicians, the epilepsy space has lacked an effective offering, and presented an urgent need for change. Epilepsy affects over 65 million people worldwide, with millions more diagnosed each year. Many people never reach freedom from seizures, because tracking their condition is tedious, specialist care is hard to access, and medication plans are not personalized. 

Last year, Epsy set itself on a mission to give people a better way to live with epilepsy. With the challenges of delivering a valuable and accessible experience to patients affected by this neurological condition, we wanted to create a strong design framework to underpin the architecture of our app, and define a clear and distinct visual language to interface with our users. The Epsy App for Android has been available since July 2020 for free: users can easily log their medications and seizure activity, and monitor their progress through personalized insights that are collated from their entries.

Epsy’s design mirrors our mission: making each day with epilepsy brighter than the last. From bold color usage to the helpful logging flow incorporating emojis and friendly language, interactions are focused on reflecting positivity and delight for the user.

The anatomy of the app is built in layers and controlled by expressive, yet intentional interface animations, bringing simplicity and focus to tasks, while progressing users forwards in their journeys. Visual cues of lights, shadows and gradients from key and ambient lighting bring calmness and further clarity to these flows. Above all, we ensure a patient’s wellbeing is respected, by linking all animation effects in the app to the accessibility control that are set in each user's phone - particularly useful for those who suffer from photo-sensitive seizures or may be in a more emotional or fragile state.

Epsy’s primary color is purple, as this color best celebrates the wonder of the human brain: there is no purple wavelength of light – it takes a mixture of both red and blue wavelengths to see purple. That makes purple a “non-spectral color” – and, in fact, the only non-spectral color that humans see ”with the brain”. We use our primary color on our backdrop and to define principal moments of the user journey, like our opening animation, celebratory screens, as well as the primary calls-to-action in buttons, navigation iconography and hierarchically to call-out key user stats. Epsy purple is complemented by pink as our accent color. With its boldness, pink highlights clear moments and actions such as logging events, missed medications and unfinished tasks. We deliberately employ a series of supporting secondary colors in a way codified to project our positive energy and approachability. 

“Insights” fulfill an integral part of our mission to deliver value to our users: by analyzing and collating the patient’s recorded entries into easy-to-read, informative overviews, we enable users to monitor their progress and spot trends or patterns. Our design framework articulates a clear prioritization of information in a way to ensure consistency and legibility across the visual aesthetics and the functional layers, and encouraging a user’s progress forwards in their treatment journey.

Patients can easily share this information with their doctors via the phone’s native sharing functionality, allowing for streamlined and informed conversations during appointments - a gap we identified in current treatment experiences.

In an independently-run survey, 98.3% of respondents said Epsy makes it easier to track their epilepsy and 93.9% said Epsy helps with medication compliance (with 620 responses). We also see this user success in our user metrics: we have activated our users to a 60-days retention rate of above 60%. The app's total downloads exceed 55,000, with hundreds of 5-star reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 average star rating.

Users have welcomed the simplicity of Epsy, with reports that some have even been able to log a (mild) seizure while they are having one. It would be hard to find another app focusing on a serious chronic medical condition in which the word “love” appears so often in user comments! - a great feat for an app focusing on a serious medical condition. 

Our next milestone is to reach 1 million users. We want to change the epilepsy journey to get everyone on their right treatment path… and give the world freedom from seizures.

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