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January 14, 2021

What causes epilepsy in children?

Knowing what causes epilepsy in children can help you to understand your child’s condition better. Learn about common causes, symptoms and treatment.

About Epilepsy
January 13, 2021

5 tips for telling people about your seizures

Recent surveys show that attitudes towards epilepsy are improving – which is great news! Nevertheless, many people still feel uncertain of how to act around someone who has seizures.

About Epilepsy
January 12, 2021

Epilepsy and memory loss - what’s the link?

Learn about the link between epilepsy and memory loss. We explore seizure memory loss, the influence of medication and feelings of stress and tiredness.

About Epilepsy
January 10, 2021

What do you know about absence seizures?

Absence seizures make you stop and stare blankly for a few seconds. Learn about absence seizure symptoms, how they’re diagnosed and treatment options.

About Epilepsy
December 1, 2020

Living with HIV and epilepsy

Find out everything you need to know about HIV and epilepsy. Learn how HIV and seizures are linked and issues around treatment options.

About Epilepsy
November 20, 2020

Talking about men and epilepsy

Let’s talk about epilepsy in men. If you are a male with epilepsy, you might have experienced certain issues - sometimes it’s good to talk about them.

About Epilepsy
November 19, 2020

What is temporal lobe epilepsy?

Temporal lobe epilepsy is a common type of epilepsy syndrome. But what exactly causes temporal lobe seizures and how are they treated? Find out more.

About Epilepsy
November 10, 2020

How are epilepsy and PTSD diagnosed and treated?

Many veterans experience PTSD seizures. Learn about the link between epilepsy and PTSD and the ways these seizures are diagnosed and treated.

About Epilepsy
November 3, 2020

Epilepsy and alcohol - can you drink safely?

Is it ever OK to combine epilepsy and alcohol? Make an informed choice by knowing the risks and find out how much appears to be a ‘safe’ quantity.

About Epilepsy

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